Young Entrepreneurs

Exciting New Opportunity

School WorkshopIf you are aged 8 - 18 come to our after school Quarry Arts Young Entrepreneurs club at the iCentre in Ingleton. This runs on an informal drop-in basis from 3:30 on Tuesdays. Numbers are limited to a maximum of 10 young people at any time. There will be a small hourly charge payable at the door to contribute to our costs.

The idea is to make things inspired by quarries and the local landscape and sell them at the Christmas Sale at the iCentre.

We will help you to make, drawings, paintings, photographs, prints, textiles, ceramics and rock instruments. These drop in sessions are supported by the activity workshops at which professional craftsmen and artists will teach the basic skills enabling you to continue working during the entrepreneurs club.

If you are interested in these after school drop-in sessions or if you would like to Volunteer to help the Quarry Arts team then please contact Bobbie Millar