The Team

Bobbie MillarBobbie Millar - Director

Bobbie Millar MA, FRSA is currently Director of Quarry Arts, a Visiting Researcher in the School of Earth Sciences at the University of Leeds and Chair of the Landscape and Arts Network members. At the University she was a senior academic administrator for 15 years with comprehensive knowledge of working in interdisciplinary teams in the arts, sciences, engineering, education and healthcare and was coordinator for Inter-Faculty Initiatives in the Faculty of Environment. She was also Deputy Chair of the Centre for Heritage Research from 2005 to 2011. She was awarded funding for a number interdisciplinary projects from UK Research Councils (ESRC, EPSRC, AHRC) and the Minerals Industry Research Organisation (MIST programme)) and Natural England (NE) through Defra's Aggregate Levy Sustainability Fund with a range of academic, industrial and community partners.


Abbie DrewAbbie Drew - Project Manager

Abbie Drew has over 10 years experience in managing projects within the Minerals Industry and has excellent organisational and time management skills. She has overseen the financial and progress monitoring of over 50 projects funded through the Aggregates Levy Sustainability Fund over the past 8 years. She has a BA (Hons) degree in Geography and Applied Social Science and has worked for a number of conservation volunteer organisations.


Martin SeddonMartin Seddon - Project Researcher

Dr Martin Seddon has extensive experience in all aspects of media production with qualifications in photography and radio production. He has produced a wide range of media; photography for web sites, display, publication and documentation, video for educational material, documentation and broadcast, and sound for video, multi-media projects and special projects. He has been a director of a media production company and was recently awarded a PhD from the University of Lancaster for research in the media use of the Victorian polymath, John Ruskin. This knowledge and experience will enable him to deal with the practical and technical aspects of the recording process.
His MSc in Building Heritage Conservation from the University of Central Lancashire and his interest in local history, geology and architecture will equip him well for this project and will enable him to deal effectively with both the interviewees and technical advisors involved. This will help the outcomes reach as wide an audience as possible with web based and printed content containing information at a variety of levels. Previous experience of documenting and providing material for similar activities will ensure that this project achieves as many outcomes as possible.