Quarry Tales: Ingleborough Dales - the Book

Quarry Tales: Ingleborough Dales BookThis well illustrated book describes this project to record stories and memories of the quarrying industries in the Ingleborough Dales.

The contents are:

Chapter 1 Industrial Heritage
Chapter 2 Quarrying Today
Chapter 3 Oral History and Methodology
Chapter 4 The Stories
Chapter 5 School Involvement


There are a few free books left, p&p £2:50. For a copy please email office@quarryarts.org.uk with your postal address and for payment arrangements. When these are gone they will cost £10 each plus p&p £2:50.

“Many thanks for sending to me the Quarry Tales: Ingleborough Dales project book, it is much appreciated. What a fine record of your project!”
Mark Corner, Chairman of Friends of the Dales.